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Part Number NX.V7BAA.017
Description TMP243-M-6655 I5-3230M 2.6G 4GB 500GB 14IN WL BT W7P 64BIT
Warranty 1 Year AERI Guarantee Learn More
Quantity In Network 9999 Available through the AERI Network
Standard Package ID: OEM Packaging
MFR Cage Code: 08YR5

Technical Information of NX.V7BAA.017


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Part # Description Manufacturer
NX.V7BAA.016 P243-M-6625 I3-3120M 2.5G 4GB 500GB 14IN LED W7P/W8P 64BIT ACER
NX.V7EAA.009 TMP653-M-9889 I7-3632QM 2.2G 8GB 500GB 15.6IN W8 ACER
NX.V7EAA.015 TMP653-M-6861 I5-3230M 2.6G 4GB 500GB 15.6IN LED W8P/W7P 64BIT ACER
NX.V7GAA.003 TMP653-V-6882 I5-3320M 2.6G 8GB 500GB 15.6IN W7P 32/64BIT ACER
NX.V7GAA.008 TMP653-V-6850 I5-3340M 2.7G 8GB 500GB 15.6IN LED TFT W7P/W8P 64BIT ACER
NX.V7HAA.007 TMP643-M-9476 I7-3632QM 2.2G 8GB 500GB 14IN W8 ACER
NX.V7HAA.013 TMP643-M-6894 I5-3230M 2.6G 4GB 500GB 14IN LED W8P/W7P 64BIT ACER
NX.V7KAA.007 TMP643-V-6656 I5-3340M 2.7G 8GB 500GB 14IN LED W8P/W7P 64BIT ACER
NX.V7LAA.003 TMP633-V-6630 I5-3320M 2.6G 8GB 320GB 13.3IN W8 ACER
NX.V7MAA.004 TMP633-M-6818 I5-3210M 2.5G 320GB 13.3IN W8 ACER