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Vishay, through its Siliconix subsidiary, leads the industry in the development of power semiconductor products that improve the efficiency of power management circuitry in end products while reducing space requirements. As the world's number-one brand of low-voltage power MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors), Vishay Siliconix products play a key role in making handheld and portable electronic systems operate more efficiently from smaller and lighter battery packs. Higher-voltage Vishay Siliconix power MOSFETs are used for applications from electric motor control in industrial systems to converting power in the switches and routers that enable the world's communications networks. Vishay Siliconix power ICs address markets ranging from mobile communications and computing to the fixed telecom infrastructure and include switchmode regulators, linear regulators, and power management devices.

Siliconix was founded in 1962. In 1998, Vishay acquired the Semiconductor Business Group of TEMIC, which included 80.4% of Siliconix. Vishay purchased the remaining 19.6% of Siliconix shares in 2005.

Siliconix Inc

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Part # Description Status  
2N7002 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,N-CHANNEL,60V V(BR)DSS,115MA I(D),TO-236AB Available Request Quote
2N7002E TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,N-CHANNEL,60V V(BR)DSS,250MA I(D),TO-236AB Available Request Quote
2N7002E-T1 Available Request Quote
2N7002E-T1-E3-A Available Request Quote
2N7002-T1 Available Request Quote
2N7007 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,N-CHANNEL,240V V(BR)DSS,87MA I(D),TO-92 Available Request Quote
2N7076 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,N-CHANNEL,200V V(BR)DSS,28A I(D),TO-254AA Available Request Quote
2NX8541E/M1/2414 Available Request Quote
32D4661-CL Available Request Quote
32R1203A-4CL Available Request Quote
36-4410-108 Available Request Quote
3N163 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,P-CHANNEL,40V V(BR)DSS,50MA I(D),TO-72 Available Request Quote
3N163-E3 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,P-CHANNEL,40V V(BR)DSS,50MA I(D),TO-72 Available Request Quote
3N164 TRANSISTOR,MOSFET,P-CHANNEL,30V V(BR)DSS,50MA I(D),TO-72 Available Request Quote
440LD22-R Available Request Quote
4N38A Available Request Quote
514ECA000121AAG Available Request Quote
531BA312M500DG Available Request Quote
531FA200M000BG Available Request Quote
595D476X06R3A2T Available Request Quote
5961-01-180-4071 Available Request Quote
5962-01-212-7367 IC,ANALOG SWITCH,SINGLE,SPDT,CMOS,DIP,14PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-234-7732 IC,ANALOG SWITCH,SINGLE,SPDT,CMOS,CAN,10PIN,METAL Available Request Quote
5962-01-390-0156 IC,ANALOG SWITCH,DUAL,SPST,CMOS,DIP,14PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote


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