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Molex utilizes a broad network of worldwide resources to meet their customer's needs. As a leading one-source supplier of interconnect products, the company's portfolio is among the largest in the world and boasts over 100,000 products in ranges from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnect solutions to switches and application tooling. By leveraging their global manufacturing resources, Molex is able to consistently deliver timely, reliable solutions in a number of divisions including transportation, commercial, automation, electrical and integrated products.

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We make it our mission at AERI to keep your production lines moving. Being a Molex distributor, our access to Molex components that have no lead time or that are no longer in production is one of our many strengths. After you have submitted a parts search, one of our Search Experts will work to resolve even your most difficult requirements and will send you a response indicating your desired part's pricing and availability.

Molex Inc

Molex Inc Parts: ( showing 12301 - 12325 out of 12407)

Part # Description Status  
130126-0107 Pushbutton Switches 5058-2 W ONOFF505BRM POS 1 5058-SM-B Available Request Quote
130126-0225 Pushbutton Switches 8-BUTTON STATION W STOP TWOSPEEDSWIT Available Request Quote
130126-0056 Pushbutton Switches 4023 W 3 37-1050 3-BUTTONSTATION-YLW Available Request Quote
130126-0076 Pushbutton Switches 5054 W 505B-RM & 505SW-2 5054-SMBLS Available Request Quote
130126-0214 Pushbutton Switches FOUR-BUTTON STATION W EMERGENCYSTOP Available Request Quote
130126-0098 Pushbutton Switches 5054 W 2P SELSWTCH RIGHT TOLEFT505 Available Request Quote
130126-0114 Pushbutton Switches 4023ES W 2-SPEED SWITCHES (4020-2) Available Request Quote
1301260228 Pushbutton Switches PUSH-BUTTON SGL SPD WEATHERPROOF Available Request Quote
1301260204 Pushbutton Switches STATION 2-BUTTON W EMERGENCYSTOP Available Request Quote
1301260222 Pushbutton Switches STATION 6-BUTTON W EMERGENCYSTOP Available Request Quote
130126-0120 Pushbutton Switches 2 BTN SWITCH SINGL. SPEED NO NC Available Request Quote
130126-0283 Pushbutton Switches 5060 W 30FT. #16-10 CABLE WIRED Available Request Quote
130126-0269 Pushbutton Switches PLASTIC PENDANT 8 BTN MAINT SW Available Request Quote
130126-0258 Pushbutton Switches PLASTIC PENDANT 6 BTN MAINT SW Available Request Quote
130126-0253 Pushbutton Switches PLASTIC PENDANT 4 BTN MAINT SW Available Request Quote
130126-0050 Pushbutton Switches 4028-2 W 2 4020 IN BOTTOM POS. Available Request Quote
130126-0043 Pushbutton Switches 4052 W MC 5P MP 5' & 24VDC LGT Available Request Quote
1301260207 Pushbutton Switches STATION 3-PUSHBUTTON SGL-SPEED Available Request Quote
130126-0277 Pushbutton Switches PLASTIC PENDANT 10 BTN MOMENT. Available Request Quote
1301940175 Pushbutton Switches E-STOP SWITCH MOMENT PUSH PULL Available Request Quote
130126-0254 Pushbutton Switches PLASTIC PENDANT 4BTN THREE SPD Available Request Quote
130126-0036 Pushbutton Switches 8-BUTTON STATION METAL FITTING Available Request Quote
130126-0278 Pushbutton Switches PLASTIC PENDANT 10BTN MAINT SW Available Request Quote
1301260213 Pushbutton Switches STATION 4-PUSHBUTTON TWO-SPEED Available Request Quote


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