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Founded in 1940 in Ina Valley, Japan, KOA Corporation has risen to become one of the largest manufacturers of SMD resistors in the world. With over 3,600 employees worldwide and distribution sites in eight countries, KOA promises the highest quality components supplied in the most expedient way possible. KOA's impressive portfolio includes low temperature co-fired ceramic, resistors, temperature sensors, inductors, fuses and varistors. Their wide range of products combined with their worldwide distribution network ensures that KOA's customers have quick access to their massive catalog of first-class parts.

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Keeping your business productive is our top priority at AERI. As a KOA distributor, we have the ability to source parts with no lead time as well as parts that are no longer in production. Once you have submitted a part search, our Search Experts will get to work and reply promptly with pricing and availability so that you can buy KOA components without the hassle of tracking them down.

KOA Corp

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