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Having been in business nearly 100 years, Kemet Corporation has a well-established history of providing efficient solutions to their customers' problems. Focusing on a wide variety of capacitors, the company has assisted numerous industries in improving their operations, including sustainable technology, medical apparatus, space exploration, military applications, mobile devices and lighting. As a leading driver of innovation, Kemet has always sought to improve the industries they are involved with. From developing better pacemakers to lowering automotive CO2 emissions, Kemet has consistently endeavored to enhance the lives and businesses of their customers.

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At AERI, we make it our business to keep your business moving. Our status as a Kemet distributor is one of our major advantages, allowing customers to buy Kemet components with no lead time, even if they are no longer in production. When you submit a part search above, we will contact you promptly with that part's price and availability. Our Search Experts are on standby, ready to assist you with even the most difficult requests.

Kemet Electronics Corp

Kemet Electronics Corp Parts: ( showing 15001 - 15025 out of 15028)

Part # Description Status  
C0603C680J5GAC Cap,Ceramic,68pF,50VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0603 Case Available Request Quote
C0805C100J5GACTU Cap,Ceramic,10pF,50VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,0805 Case Available Request Quote
C0805C103K5RACTU Cap,Ceramic,10nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0805 Case Available Request Quote
C0805C332K5RACTU Cap,Ceramic,3.3nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0805 Case Available Request Quote
C0805C683K5RAC Cap,Ceramic,68nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,0805 Case Available Request Quote
C1206C332K2RAC7800 Cap,Ceramic,3.3nF,200VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,1206 Case Available Request Quote
C1206C470J5GAC7800 Cap,Ceramic,47pF,50VDC,5% -Tol,5% +Tol,C0G TC Code,-30,30ppm TC,1206 Case Available Request Quote
C1206C473K1RAC7800 Cap,Ceramic,47nF,100VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,1206 Case Available Request Quote
C1206C474K3RAC7800 Cap,Ceramic,470nF,25VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,1206 Case Available Request Quote
C1210C104K5RAC Cap,Ceramic,100nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,1210 Case Available Request Quote
C1210C104K5RAC7800 Cap,Ceramic,100nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,1210 Case Available Request Quote
C1812C334K5RAC7800 Cap,Ceramic,330nF,50VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol,X7R TC Code,-15,15% TC,1812 Case Available Request Quote
PME261JC5470KR30 0.047µF 10% 500VAC (20.3) Available Request Quote
PME271Y422MR30 0.0022 Uf 250v Available Request Quote
T530X477M006ATE010 POLYMER TANT SMD X CASE 470uF 20% 6.3V T&R Low ESR: 10mOhm Available Request Quote
T520D227M010ATE018 Cap,Tantalum / Ta2O5,220uF,10VDC,20% -Tol,20% +Tol Available Request Quote
T491A225K016AT Cap,Tantalum / Ta2O5,2.2uF,16VDC,10% -Tol,10% +Tol Available Request Quote
C0805C104K1RAC3123 Capacitor Available Request Quote
C0805C709D5GACTU CAP CER 7PF 50V NP0 0805 Available Request Quote
C202C105K5R5CA CAP 1UF 50VDC X7R 10% AXL Available Request Quote
MMC5.7104K100J35 FILM CAPACITORS 100VOLT 0.10uF 10% LS 5.7MM Available Request Quote
T350A225M016AS CAPACITOR TANTALUM TA205 2.2 uF 16 VDC 20% TOL. PLASTIC Available Request Quote
T520X157M016ATE040 CAPACITOR TANT 150UF 16V 0.04 OHM 20% 7343-43 FULL REEL Available Request Quote
CDR02BX103BKWS Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT .01UF 100V 10% Available Request Quote
T140B826K010AS7200 Cap Tant Solid 82uF 10V 10% (4.7 X 12.04mm) Axial 1.3 Ohm 125C Available Request Quote


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