With offices on four continents, FCI Incorporated is well-regarded in the industry for their forward-thinking, innovative approach to design. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech solutions for a number of applications, including automotive, telecommunications, data storage, industrial, consumer and medical instrumentation, FCI endeavors to broaden their catalog through aggressive research and development. This dedication, complimented by the company's customer-centric approach, guarantees that clients of FCI can expect cost-effective, precise and reliable solutions that meet, or surpass, their needs.

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AERI's main objective is ensuring that our client's production lines keep moving. Among our strengths, we are privileged to count our role as an FCI distributor. This role allows our customers to buy FCI components that have no lead time, even if they are no longer in production. When you submit a part search above, our Search Experts will consult our extensive catalog of FCI parts and contact you in a timely manner with your desired part's pricing and availability.


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