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For over 50 years, Fairchild Semiconductor has concentrated on providing their customers with the solutions they require to succeed. Their commitment extends to a number of industries, such as mobile communications and industrial products, where they provide cutting edge power and semiconductor technologies. With a network of internal and external manufacturing sites combined with a flexible supply chain, Fairchild Semiconductor couples their logistical means with a strong focus on research and development. Their dedication to offering novel, effective solutions for automotive, mobile, LED lighting and power management applications has made good on their promise to provide their customers with success.

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At AERI, we take pride in our ability to keep your manufacturing processes running smoothly. 2 Our position as a Fairchild Semiconductor distributor allows us to source parts, even those no longer in production, quickly and efficiently. By submitting a search for parts, you will receive a prompt response that indicates the availability and price to buy Fairchild Semiconductor components. Our Search Experts eagerly await requests of all kinds, no matter how obscure or difficult.

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp Parts: ( showing 67976 - 67995 out of 67995)

Part # Description Status  
FDS5351 N-CH 25W 60V 61A Available Request Quote
HL77734 MICROCIRCUIT LINEAR Available Request Quote
FLZ5V1A 500MW 494V Available Request Quote
FLZ5V1B 500MW 508V Available Request Quote
FDA38N30 N-CH 300V 38A 0085 OHMS Available Request Quote
HL20067 INTEGRATED CIRCUIT Available Request Quote
FLZ30VC 500MW 2909V Available Request Quote
FDS8882 N-CH 25W 30V 9A DUAL Available Request Quote
FDMA6023PZT P-CH 25W 20V 36A DUAL Available Request Quote
FGH20N60UFDTU 165W 600V 20A W/DIODE Available Request Quote
FGH40N60UFDTU 195W 600V 40A Available Request Quote
NDS8858H N-CH 30V 63A P-CH 30V 48A DUAL Available Request Quote
BC528 PNP 1W 80V 100MA HFE=40-400 Available Request Quote
5185_2N4393 JFET DIE Available Request Quote
FDS6299S N-CH 25W 30V 21A Available Request Quote
FRF9150R3 P-CH 125W 100V 23A Available Request Quote
HLMP-M500 4MM GREEN 90MA 565NM Available Request Quote
FDY3001NZ N-CH 630MW 20V 200MA Available Request Quote


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