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For over 30 years, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation has excelled in the design and manufacture of high speed CMOS SRAMs, EEPROMs, PAL and TTL logic devices. Focusing on delivering high-performance, mixed signal, programmable solutions, the company serves a large number of markets including consumer, mobile, computation, data communications, automotive, industrial and military. Combining their technological prowess with a rapid development schedule, Cypress promises their clients the latest, most reliable solutions available.

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At AERI, we take pride in our ability to keep our clients manufacturing processes running smoothly. Our status as a Cypress distributor grants us the ability to source parts, even those that are no longer in production, quickly and efficiently. After submitting a parts search, you will receive a prompt response that indicates the availability and cost to buy Cypress components. Our Search Experts are on hand, awaiting requests of all kinds, no matter how challenging.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp

Cypress Semiconductor Corp Parts: ( showing 51 - 75 out of 21623)

Part # Description Status  
5962-01-411-6183 IC,FIFO,64X4,ASYNCHRONOUS,CMOS,DIP,16PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-413-5832 IC,SRAM,128KX8,CMOS,DIP,32PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-414-5217 Available Request Quote
5962-01-414-6443 IC,SRAM,8KX8,CMOS,LLCC,28PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-418-3498 IC,EPROM,16KX8,CMOS,LLCC,28PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-418-4488 IC,EPROM,8KX8,CMOS,LLCC,28PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-423-2046 IC,SIMPLE-PLD,PAL-TYPE,BICMOS,DIP,20PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-434-3551 IC,SIMPLE-EEPLD,PAL-TYPE,CMOS,DIP,24PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-435-1332 IC,FLIP-FLOP,OCTAL,D TYPE,FCT/PCT-CMOS,DIP,20PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-453-4203 IC,FLIP-FLOP,10-BIT,D TYPE,FCT/PCT-CMOS,DIP,24PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-461-9079 IC,SRAM,32KX8,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-463-5222 IC,1:8 OUTPUT,BICMOS,LLCC,32PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-474-4035 IC,SIMPLE-EEPLD,PAL-TYPE,CMOS,FP,24PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-481-3630 IC,EPROM,2KX8,CMOS,DIP,24PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-481-3808 IC,FIFO,512X9,ASYNCHRONOUS,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-484-9039 IC,FIBER-OPTIC TRANSMITTER,BICMOS,LLCC,28PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-01-492-8990 Available Request Quote
5962-3829411MXA Available Request Quote
5962-3829415MXA Available Request Quote
5962-3829417MZA Available Request Quote
5962-8606311QXA IC,EPROM,32KX8,CMOS,DIP,28PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
5962-8606315QYA Available Request Quote
5962-86846012X IC,FIFO,64X5,ASYNCHRONOUS,CMOS,LLCC,20PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote
59628687504XC Available Request Quote
5962-8687504XX IC,SRAM,1KX8,CMOS,DIP,48PIN,CERAMIC Available Request Quote


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