Aavid Thermalloy

At AERI our goal is to keep your production lines moving. One of our core strengths is access to AAVID THERMALLOY parts that have no lead time or are no longer in production. By submitting a part search above you will receive a prompt response to your request with pricing and availability. Our Search Experts can get to work on your most difficult requirements immediately.

Aavid has been successfully delivering engineering excellence since its inception in 1964 when it was founded as Aavid Engineering. For nearly 50 years, Aavid has been the world leader in thermal management solutions and the partner of choice for electronics companies focused on introducing next generation products to market faster, with greater reliability, and increased functionality.

Aavid provides the industry's broadest product offering, ranging from the smallest board level cooling solution to several thousand kilowatt industrial applications. Aavid's products are used in Personal Computing systems such as desktops, laptops, printers, and video game consoles in addition to Non-PC products including servers, network devices, instrumentation, transportation, and other consumer electronics.

Aavid Thermalloy

Aavid Thermalloy Parts: ( showing 76 - 100 out of 370)

Part # Description Status  
406088 Heatsink access max clip; 21N;width:10mm;thickness 0.5mm;TO-220;H:12.7mm Available Request Quote
410-3040-001 ASSY HEAT-PIPE BASED HEA Available Request Quote
410-5186-001 ASSY HEAT-PIPE BASED HEA Available Request Quote
411475 Heatsink custom length:224mm; extrusion; WxH:107.57x26.03mm;unfinished Available Request Quote
412980 Heatsink custom cut 80mm;black anodized; WxH:30x47.2mm; wo pad Available Request Quote
414348 Heat sink; Max clip Max10N;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
414355 Heatsink 0S586140B Available Request Quote
414435 Heat sink; Max clip Max03N;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
414590 Heat sink Max clip; 10x21.5x9.23mm;F:22-38N;Ni plated; MAX01NG Available Request Quote
414591 Heat sink; Max clip Max03HN;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
414592 Heat sink; Max clip Max01HN;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
414593 Heat sink; Max clip Max08N;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
414596 Heat sink; Max clip Max07N;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
414597 Heat sink; Max clip Max02N;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
414602 Heat sink; Max clip Max23N;Nickel plated version; Available Request Quote
43-18-1 Available Request Quote
436963 Heatsink extrusion;41.91x25.4x25.4mm;black;5.6C°W;TO-220 Available Request Quote
437064 Heatsink extrusion;50x34.9x25.4mm;black;5.8C°W;TO-220TO-218TO-247 Available Request Quote
437407 Heatsink extrusion;28x20mm;black;13.1C°W;TO-220 Available Request Quote
437469 Heat sink extrusion;custom cut L:50mm;28x50mm;black;TO-220218 Available Request Quote
437484 Heatsink extrusion;30x45x50mm;black;4.8C°W Available Request Quote
437486 Heatsink cut 75mm;TO-220218; HxD:45x30mm; extrusion Available Request Quote
437691 Heat sink extrusion;25x26.9x40.8mm;TO-3;black;diamond shape Available Request Quote
43-77-2G Available Request Quote
43-77-9 Isolating Washer Available Request Quote


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