Creative Counterfeits

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This is one of the most creative counterfeits our QC engineers have discovered. The counterfeiters used an EPROM device, which has a UV erase window, and blacktopped over the window to disguise it as a different part. Blacktopping a plastic packaged part to create uniform lot codes, date codes, or make it a slightly different part number is common, but blacktopping a ceramic device is much more unusual. And we have never seen a counterfeiter try to cover a UV erase window. Some of the other signs of counterfeiting were;

  • Uneven finish
  • Visible paint when viewing the edge
  • Bent leads
  • Different lot codes on the bottom and the same one for all devices on the top

It takes seasoned and detailed QC engineers to spot dangerous counterfeits. AERI takes pride in hiring and training the best talent to ensure our customer experience remains leading in the industry.

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Robb Hammond is the President of AERI and the chair of the Aerospace Industry’s Counterfeit Electronic Components Mitigation Standard for independent distributors, AS6081, which has become one of the industry’s most respected documents, as well as being adopted by the Department of Defense. Robb is one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry on counterfeit detection and speaks regularly at conferences around the globe.

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